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There are two ways for Site administrators and Managers to access their and their learners' Personal Development Log, and a single point of access for learners.

Setting up learner access


We can provide learners with access to their development records in two ways: by adding a link to their records in the User Dropdown Menu or by creating an Text block with a link to their records.

User Dropdown Menu
Please follow this guide on how to add a new item to the list with the following snippet:

Personal Development Records| /admin/tool/pdl/user.php

Text Block
Create a text block that can be used by learners to access their development records.

  1. Create a Text block following this guide
  2. Edit the text block using the configuration icon shown in the guide
  3. Change the Text block title to "Personal Development Records"
  4. Create a link to the learners records by:
    1. Selecting the link icon to create a link
    2. Add the following to "Text to display": View Records
    3. Add the following to "Enter a URL": ../admin/tool/pdl/user.php
    4. Select the Create Link button

Learner access

Now that Personal Development Records has been added to the User Dropdown Menu, we are able to navigate to our records page.

User Dropdown Menu

  1. Click on the profile icon within the navigation menu to open it
  2. Select Personal Development Records

Text Block

  1. Select the Dashboard from the navigation menu
  2. Find the Personal Development Records block
  3. Select View Records

Site Administrator and Manager access

Site administrators and Managers are also able to use the User Dropdown Menu to access the Personal Development Records link and will take them to their own records page.

To manage learners' records you can go to either Browse Users or View Development Records.

  1. Site administration
  2. Personal Development Log
  3. Select Browse Users or View Development Records

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