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How to Add a Quiz Question - Multiple Choice


The quiz activity allows you to add different types of quiz questions. One of which is the Multiple Choice question type, which gives users multiple answers to choose from a given set of possible answers. This guide will show you how to create a Multiple Choice quiz.

Step 1 - Adding quiz questions

You can create new questions for your Quiz by clicking on the Quiz activity from the course page. From there you can click on the “Questions” tab, which is where you can create and manage questions. As you'll see there are multiple ways to add a question to the quiz:

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Add a new question - To add a new question, simply click “Add” and then “a new question” you can then choose the question type and set up the question accordingly. Once created, the question will be stored in the quiz library so that it can be used again. 

Add from question bank - Every time you create a quiz question it is automatically stored in the respective question bank category. You can then use these questions within your quiz. To add a question from the question bank, click the “Add” button and then “from question bank”.

Add a random question - Adding a random question will give the user a random question from the list of available questions. To add this into your quiz, click the “Add” button and then “a random question”. 

Step 2 - Multiple choice question setup

In this example, we'll be adding a new question to our Quiz, so we'll need to complete the following steps:

  • Add question - From the questions page, click on add and then “a new question”.
  • Question type - From the question type selection page, click "Multiple choice" and proceed to the next page.
  • Question name - Enter a name for your question, we recommend using the format of "Topic name - Question number".
  • Question text - In this section you can enter the question which will be posed to users completing the quiz. If you’re pasting in your question from an external document, then ensure you paste the unformatted version into the text area. 
  • Answers - If your multiple choice question has more than one correct answer, then you’ll need to ensure the option “One or multiple answers?” is set to “Multiple answers allowed”. With this setup you can proceed to add in your various answer choices, appropriate grade and feedback for each answer. 

If you have multiple correct answers you need to ensure that your grades are set up correctly, they must all add up to a total of 100%. So, if you had 4 possible answers, two of which are correct you would set each of the correct answers with a grade of 50%, for a total of 100% combined. 

If your multiple choice question has only one correct answer, then you’ll need to set the “One or multiple answers?” option to “One answer only”. You can then proceed to add the various answer choices and provide appropriate feedback for each. For the single correct answer the grade should be set to 100%, with no grading applied to any of the other answer choices. 

Step 3 - Save

Once you've completed the steps above to create your multiple choice question, you can proceed to add further questions to your quiz if required or head back into the course page to test your new quiz. 

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