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Course Formats


Once you’ve created a basic course, you may start looking at other ways to enhance or alter the way in which this course appears to your users. In this guide we’ll take you through how to change the course format, along with an example of each of the key formats. 

Step 1 - Navigate

You can find the course format settings from within any course by going to:
*Course name* > Settings > Course format

Step 2 - Choose a format

From the course settings page you can alter the course format using the format drop-down menu. Each format will have its own unique visual appearance. We wont be going into detail on how to use each course format, however, we've included examples below of how each of the key formats appear within a course. If you require further information on how to utilise each format, please visit their respective solution guides. 

Topics Format 

The Topics format is the default format for course pages. All activities will be visible to the user upon opening the course, with each section of content broken down into “Topics”. 

Test pathway content page

Buttons Format

The button format allows you to display each section of content under a separate “Button” heading. Users will only be able to see the content which is displayed in the selected section and will need to click through to the next numbered page to view the next section. 

Test pathway content page

Tiles Format

The tiles format allows you to display each section of content under a separate “Tile”. Users can see all tiles from within the course, but will have to click into each to access the activities contained.

Test pathway content page

Single Activity Format

The Single activity format allows you to send users directly into an activity upon opening the course, allowing for my directed learning.

Test pathway content page

Collapsed topics Format

The collapsed topics format is similar to the standard topics format, except each section of content sits under a collapsed topic heading. Meaning the user will need to click to expand the topic and access the activities contained within it. 

Test pathway content page

Step 3 - Save

In order to save the changes made to the course format, scroll to the bottom of the course settings page and click "Save changes" in order to your new format to take affect. 

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