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Chart Types and Data Sources


Custom dashboards are the most powerful feature of Team Insights. Allowing you to create fully customisable dashboards containing a myriad of different charts to display key compliance data which is most relevant to your organisations’ needs.

Using the Tab Manager you can create new tabs and customise these with your own selection of charts and data points. This guide will show you the different chart types and date points which can be displayed for each. 

Section 1- Different Chart Types

There are various types of charts to choose from which can be used to display your required data. We’ll show some examples of each of these below:


Test pathway content page

Test pathway content page


Test pathway content page

Test pathway content page


Test pathway content page


Test pathway content page


Test pathway content page


Test pathway content page


Test pathway content page


Test pathway content page

Section 2 - Different Data Sources

Each chart type will have the option to add different data points (referred to as a series in Team Insights). Below are the different sources of data you can use, split into different areas of the site and then sub-categories of data below that:

  • Course completions
    • Course enrolments
    • Course attempts started
    • Course attempts completed
    • Course attempts not started
    • Course attempts in progress
  • Courses
    • Course count
    • Visible courses
    • Hidden courses
  • Pathway completions
    • Total allocations
    • Total allocations - multiple attempts
    • Total pathway allocations (all time)
    • Closed allocations
    • Completed allocations
    • Outstanding allocations
    • Allocations in progress
    • Allocations not started
    • Allocations due soon
    • Allocations overdue
  • Personal development log
    • Total personal development records
    • Records with files
    • Records without files
    • Waiting validation
    • Validated by Site administrator
    • Validated by Manager
    • Total time recorded
    • Suggested records
    • Planned records
    • Completed records
  • Users
    • Total users
    • Suspended users
    • Inactive users
    • Recently active users
    • Login activity 
    • Failed login activity


The list of data sources above will not apply to all chart types, as some charts may only be able to present certain data. 

Section 3 - Building Custom Tabs

Currently, only CLC administrators have access to the functionality to create and edit custom tabs within Team Insights. Whilst we're working on making this available to all Site Administrators, if you’re interested in exploring Custom Tabs then we’d encourage you to review the chart types and data sets listed above and reach out to your Account Manager to request any custom charts you’d like to have built on your platform.

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