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How to Create and Manage Tabs


Custom dashboards are the most powerful feature of Team Insights. Allowing you to create fully customisable dashboards containing a myriad of different charts to display key compliance data which is most relevant to your organisations’ needs.

The Tab Manager is the area in which you’ll be able to manage all of the different tabs you have and how they appear along the sidebar of Team Insights. 

Section 1 - Managing Existing Tabs

To access the Tab Manager, you’ll need to enable “Edit mode” using the toggle in the top right of any Team Insights page. Currently, this is only available to Site Administrators. 

Test pathway content page

Once you’ve clicked into the Tab Manager you’ll see the various different tabs which are visible in your sidebar. By default, you’ll have the following tabs which cannot be deleted; Training Overview, Team Overview and Reports.

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Over time you may add new tabs which serve different purposes for your organisation, here are some examples of these:

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All tabs can be rearranged, affecting the order in which they appear on the sidebar. To move the positioning of a tab you can use the arrows icon to the left of the tab name and drag the tab into a different position. 

The details of the tab can be edited by clicking the settings cog to the right of the tab name. This will allow you to alter the name of the tab, the description and it’s visibility.

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Section 2 - Creating a New Tab

After you’ve clicked into the Tab Manager, you’ll be able to create a new tab by clicking the “New Chart Tab” button shown in the screenshot below:

Test pathway content page

You’ll then be prompted to provide the following information:

  • Name - This is the name of the tab which will be visible in the sidebar of Team Insights.
  • Tab description - The tab description is only visible when clicking into the tab settings. This will provide useful information for your administrators and/or managers to understand the purpose of the tab and the data which it includes. 
  • Visibility - There are several different options available; Hidden, Administrators only and Administrators and Managers.

Once you add the required fields, you can then scroll to the bottom of the page and click “save changes” and your new tab will appear on the sidebar of Team Insights. 

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