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How to Create a Face-to-Face Session


Once you’ve added a Face-to-Face activity to a course you can begin adding sessions to this activity. The sessions within a Face-to-Face activity are the individual bookable events which your users can attend. Within which you’ll need to provide a range of relevant information for the session to ensure your users are fully informed. This guide will show you how to create a new session within a Face-to-Face activity.

Step 1 - Adding a new session

To add a new session you’ll need to click into your chosen Face-to-Face activity to access the sessions area. 

Test pathway content page

Once you’ve clicked into the activity, you’ll be shown the following page:

Test pathway content page

This is the area in which you can create and manage all of the sessions within the activity. To create a new session click the “Add new session” button highlighted in the screenshot above.

Step 2 - Populating the session details

Now that you’ve initiated the session creation, you’ll need to provide all of the session details, we’ll touch more on each of these below:

  • Location/Room/Venue - Here you can add details about the location of your Face-to-Face meeting such as; Location, Room and Venue. Which will be useful information for your users to have prior to signing up.
  • Session date/time - If you have a planned date and time for your session, you can change the “Session date/time known” dropdown box to “Yes” and populate the start/finish time fields. You can also have multiple dates and times if the session takes place over a series of days, simply click on the “Add a new date” button to add a new date and provide the various dates and times as required.
  • Capacity - The capacity value sets the upper limit for the number of users which can be signed up to the session. If you tick the “Allow overbooking” option then users will be able to sign up to the session waitlist if the capacity has already been reached, otherwise users will not be able to sign up to the session once the capacity has been reached. 
  • Duration - Here you can provide the session duration using the required format of “0:30” being 30 minutes and “1:00” being 1 hour, changed accordingly to match your session duration.
  • Details - The details area allows you to provide additional information which will be visible to the user on the session sign-up page. By default, this will also display in the email confirmation and reminders which are sent to participants.

Step 3 - Save

Once you’ve added in all of the required session information you can click “Save changes” at the bottom of the page to create the session. You’ll then be returned to the sessions page where you’ll be able to view your new session.

Test pathway content page

The new session will also be visible from the course page, allowing users to view the session details and "Sign-up" directly to the session. 

Test pathway content page

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