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How to Suspend and Delete Users


There are several ways in which you can suspend/delete users on your platform. This can either be done manually for individual users or it can be done in bulk to update multiple users at once. This guide will look at how to perform both of these tasks on your platform.

Option 1 - Individual users

In order to suspend or delete individual users you’ll need to go to:

Site administration > Users > Browse list of users

Within the “Browse list of users” page you’ll be able to see the full list of all users on your platform, which can be filtered down using the filtering options above the user list.

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For the purpose of this guide, the key area on the user list for us is the “Edit” column which contains 3 icons, we’ll touch on the key ones below:

  • “Bin” icon - This icon can be used to delete the user, when clicked you’ll be prompted to confirm that you want to delete the user. After which the user and all learning data relating to that user will be deleted from your platform. 
  • “Eye” icon - This icon is used to suspend users. Once clicked the user will no longer be able to access the platform and will need to be re-activated by re-clicking the eye icon if/when required.

Option 2 - Multiple users

In order to perform bulk actions on multiple users, there are a couple of extra steps which need to be followed.

Collecting existing user data

Before you begin this process you’ll need to ensure that you have the latest version of user data which exists on your platform or a copy of the last user upload/update which was uploaded to the system. 

If you wish to collect a copy of existing user records on your site, go to:

Site administration > Users > Bulk User actions

Within this page, scroll down to "Users in list" and click "All users" at the top of the text box and then click "Add to selection". With all of your users selected, using the dropdown box next to "With selected users..." select "download" and begin the download process. This will download a spreadsheet containing all user data currently on the system. 

Updating user data 

Based on the required actions needed for this bulk update, you’ll need to include one of the following two columns:

  • Deleting users - In order to delete users, add a new column to your spreadsheet with the heading “deleted”. For all users you wish to delete, add the value of “1” to this column.
  • Suspending users - To suspend users, add a new column to your spreadsheet with the heading “suspended”. For all users you wish to suspend, add the value of “1” to this column.

Once you’ve added in either of these fields and populated the values for the required users you can save the file in a “.CSV” format. Then you’ll need to go to:

Site Administration > Users > Upload users

On this page you’ll be able to add this file into the file drop area. The remaining dropdown options on the page should be left as the default values, however, the preview rows dropdown can be increased in order to display all of the users you’ll be uploading on the following page. You can then click the proceed to complete the upload process.

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