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How to Use the Training Overview


The Training Overview tab of Team Insights is designed to provide an insight into the overall compliance of staff within your organisation, with a particular focus on any areas of concern. This guide will show you how to interpret and utilise the data visible within this area of your platform.

Section 1 - Compliance Alerts

Upon accessing the Training Overview tab of Team Insights the first content area will be the “Compliance alerts” box as shown below:

Test pathway content page

To view these alerts, click the “View Report” button, this will open the report in a pop-up window as shown below:

Test pathway content page

The information shown from left to right is as follows; users full name, the severity of the alert (Red = Overdue, Yellow = Due soon, Green = Due now), a link to the pathway and a series of actions to view the user's profile or message the user on your platform.

Section 2 - Pathway Overview Tiles

The Pathway Overview tiles shown below are your key tool for the Training Overview page, providing a useful insight into the overall status of pathways across your platform. This includes; Completed pathways, Outstanding pathways (Not completed), Due soon (Due in 7 days) and overdue (Past due date).

Test pathway content page

Section 3 - Personal Development Log

The next section shows you Personal Development Log (PDL) data which will only be visible if you use the PDL tool on your platform as a means of tracking external training completed by your staff and you have access to this area.

Test pathway content page

Section 4 - Pathway by Attempts

The final section within the Training overview categorises pathway attempt data based upon specific groups of users. These groups are dependent on the hierarchy data which exists in your platform, allowing you to view attempt data based on different departments within your organisation, for example. 

Test pathway content page

To alter the grouping filter used, click on the drop-down menu to the right of this section and select a new option as required.

Test pathway content page

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