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How to Setup Course Completions


Course completions are a key part to any course. It’s important to carefully consider how you set up your course completion settings before you make the course accessible to your users, once these settings are in place they impact the users interactions with the course and other features across the platform.

Step 1 - Navigate

You can find the course creation page on your platform by going to the following, whilst logged in as a site administrator:
*Course name* > More > Course completion

Test course page

Step 2 - Set criteria

Within the course completion settings page you’ll be able to establish the criteria required for a user to complete the course. There are a number of different criteria to choose from, however, we only advise using "Condition: Activity completion" we'll explain how this works below:
Using “Condition - Activity Completion” requires users to complete a specific set of activities in order for the course to be completed. When you click on this heading, you’ll be shown all of the activities that sit within your course. You can then go through and select each of the activities you want to count towards the completion of the course by clicking on the checkbox to the left of the activity name. Based on the settings in the screenshot below, users only need to complete the quiz activity in order to complete the course.

Test course page

Step 3 - Save

After following the steps highlighted above to establish your course completion criteria, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click "Save changes".

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