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Currently the tab manager is only available to CLCadmins. You must be in edit mode for the ‘Tab Manager’ button to be visible.

There are 3 tabs here which cannot be deleted, the default names are Team View, Training Overview and Reports. 

All tabs can be rearranged, this just affects the order that they appear in the sidebar. Tab rearrangement happens via the icon on the left side of the entry for eac tab. The details of the tab can be edited from the cog icon on the right. From the edit tab form you can also edit the default colours for the tab. If you have loaded the tab recently any changes to the default colours will take up to 5 minutes to update due to caching. To see the effects of your changes immediately, add ‘?nocache=true’ to the URL (a page reload will be needed after you add this) and the charts will need to be updated, this can be done by pressing the update button on the time frame slider.

The visibility of the tab can also be edited from the edit tab form. CLCadmins will be able to see any hidden tabs in the sidebar, but they will have the “ (hidden)” added to their name.

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