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How to Create a New Course


Courses are used to display learning content to your users. A course can follow many different formats and include a variety of different elements. This guide will show you how to create a basic course.

Step 1 - Navigate

You can find the course creation page on your platform by going to the following, whilst logged in as a site administrator:
Site Administration > Courses > Add a new course 

Step 2 - Create

From within the “Add a new course” page, you’ll need to provide all of the course details, ensuring that any sections marked with a red exclamation mark are filled in. We’ll touch on each of the key fields below: 

General - In this section, you’ll need to provide all the basic course naming and identification information, whether the course is visible, and which category it will sit within.

  • Course Full Name - This will be the name of the course. This name will be displayed on the course card, and at the top of the course page.
  • Course Short Name - This is the unique identifier for the course, so ensure that this does not clash with any other courses on the platform.
  • Course Category - This will be where the course is stored in the back end of the platform. This will not be where the user sees the course, but where an admin is able to find it from within Manage Courses and Categories.
  • Course Visibility - As an admin, you will always be able to access any course. As a user, if a course is hidden, they may be able to see the course, but they will not be able to gain access to the course page itself.

Description - This section is used to provide a general description and image for your course. These areas will appear on the course card shown to users on the “Courses” page of your site.

  • Course Summary - The course summary only has space for 130 characters on the course card, so try to keep this area brief and concise.
  • Course Image - The Image can be dragged and dropped into place but must be the correct size for the best effect. Please see the image sizing guide for more help.

Course Format  - The course format area will allow you to change the format of your course page. We recommend creating your initial course using the default setup, and then adding your chosen format later. There are various course formats you can choose from. To find out more about each course format please take a look at our Course Format guide.

Completion Tracking - This is a key section for the setup of your course. To ensure that activities can be tracked within your course and that the course itself can be tracked in order to enable course completion. If you plan to use the course for optional learning, with no requirement for users to complete then you can set the completion tracking to “No”.

Step 3 - Save

After following the steps highlighted above, selecting save and display at the bottom of the page will then take you onto your course page where you will now have a basic course structure to work with. From here you can begin to add your chosen activities and resources.

Test course page

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