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One Time Migration & Setup

Whether you are a new member or an existing member having your own server requires setting up.

If you are an existing member, you will have a server setup and then we will arrange a date to move your Moodle site over with all learning history and courses. This can take up to 24 hours to take effect although often it can be done in a few hours. On the day of migration we will put your site into maintenance mode on your old instance and clone it onto your new server. Once this is done we will move the domain over, this means that as soon as your domain moves (DNS Propagation) for your device/network you will be able to resume learning immediately, this also ensures no data is lost in the process.

If you are a new member or existing member, we will need to build and configure your new server. We recommend using a 8GB instance to start with as this is powerful enough for most sites between 1000 users - 10,000 users. When we create the new server we will migrate your current installation or create your new Moodle site (depending if you are an existing customer or new). Once this is done we will configure your SSL certificate, configure the server to run at optimal performance for Moodle and test any SSO or data sync services.

Once this is done we will then release the server to production, meaning you can now have access to the Moodle Installation.

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