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Adding Content to a Pathway


A key step in creating a Learning Pathway is to add the content you require users to complete. Whether it’s whole courses, specific course sections or individual activities. This guide will show you how to add content to your learning pathway.

Step 1 - Navigate

You can find the pathway content page from within any pathway by going to the following, whilst logged in as a site administrator: 

Site administration > General > Manage pathways > *Pathway name* > Content

Test pathway content page

Step 2 - Adding content

Adding content to a pathway requires you to create a new “Group” in which specific topics of learning content can sit. A pathway can have several groups, each containing content from a different subject area. These groups are displayed to users as collapsible folders as shown in the example below.

Test pathway content page

To add a new group, click the “+” icon in the top right of the pathway content page and then select “Group”. This will open a new widow in which you'll need to provide a name for the group which is relevant to the type of content it will include. You’ll then have the option to add the content required for that group, there are three different types of content, each of which we’ll cover in more detail below:

Adding a course

A course refers to an overall subject matter, it's usually focused on a specific topic such as the “Health & Safety - Workplace” course below and includes several different “Course sections”, within which are individual “Activities”.

Test pathway content page

To add a whole course to your pathway group, search for the course name using the search bar provided in the “Add course/s” section.

Test pathway content page

Adding a course section

A course section is a more specific area of learning, which can include multiple activities. Within the “Health & Safety - Workplace” course we can click into the “Dangers of Night Working” course section to view learning content for this specific course section.

Test pathway content page

To add a course section to your pathway group, search for the course section name using the search bar in the “Add course section/s” area.

Test pathway content page

Adding an activity

Activity modules are the final level within a course section, they offer a specific learning activity which can be completed by users. For example, the “Dangers of Night Working - iAM” SCORM package. 

Test pathway content page

To add an activity to your pathway group, use the search bar in the “Add activity module/s” section to search for the activity name.

Test pathway content page

Step 3 - Save

After following the steps highlighted above to add your chosen content, click “Add group/s” at the bottom of the page to save these changes. This will then take you back to the pathway content page where you will now have a selection of content under your new grouping. 

To add a new group, simply repeat the process above, you can then use the drag and drop tool to the left of the group/content name to alter the ordering of content within the pathway if required.

If you wish to edit an existing group you can do this by clicking the settings “Cog” to the right of the group name. 

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