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Technical Specifications

The learning platform has been designed to run on the lowest possible spec of machine possible, so that as many people can access content as possible.

This does mean that there is a minimum specification however.

We have introduced these as statements below:

Users can access learning IfUsers may not be able to access if
They are on a Windows, Chromebook or Mac computer

They have a minimum screen resolution of 1024px x 768px

They view the learning in Internet Explorer 11 or above
They view the learning in Safari 8 or above

They view the learning in the latest version of Mozilla Firefox

They view the learning in Chrome 24 or later

They are on a mobile device that supports screen resolutions of 896px x 580 px

IT ensure a connection through their proxy or firewall to:
  • launch.choota.com
  • launch.jcloudcontrol.com
  • YOURSITEURL.clcmoodle.org/clcflex.com
  • maxcdn.bootstrapcdn.com
  • fonts.gstatic.com
  • fonts.googleapis.com
  • ajax.aspnetcdn.com
  • *.vo.msecnd.net
  • cdnjs.cloudflare.com

Your IT does not cache our sites

Your device can run video and sound over HTML5 (H.264)
Your IT Department heavily cache our addresses

Your IT department block our addresses

Your IT department do not whitelist our addresses

They view the learning on Windows XP running Internet Explorer

They may not have access to some materials without a soundcard/speakers/headphones

They have an unreliable internet connection

Their internet connection is less than 512kb a second

They view the learning in Internet Explorer 6,7,8, 9, 10

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