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How to Create a User


There are several ways to create users on your platform. This guide will show you how to manually create individual users.

Step 1 - Navigate

You can find the user creation page on your platform by going to the following, whilst logged in as a site administrator:

Site Administration > Users > Add a new user

Step 2 - Create

From within the “Add a new user” page, you’ll need to provide all of the users details, ensuring that any sections marked with a red exclamation mark are filled in. We’ll touch on each of the key fields below:

  • General- In this section, you’ll need to provide all the basic user identification information.
    • Username - This is the unique identifier for your user, and will be the username they use when logging into the site manually.
    • Choose an authentication method - This setting determines the authentication method the user will need to use in order to login to the site. In most cases. this will be using the “Manual login” authentication method which will allow users to enter their username and password to access the platform. All other authentication methods require additional setup steps which are not detailed in this user creation guide. 
    • New password - There are two different options for setting a users password:
      • In order to manually create a new password for the user, you can enter the password into the “New password” text box. If you want the user to update this password upon logging in then you should tick the “Force password change” box. 
      • To automatically generate and send a randomised password to the user once the account has been created, tick the “Generate password and notify user” box and leave the “New password” text area blank.
    • First name - In this section you need to enter the user's First name.
    • Last name - In this section you need to enter the user's Last name.
    • Email address - In this section you need to enter the user's Email address.
    • Email visibility - This section allows you to adjust the user’s email visibility, that is, whether or not other users can see their email and what areas of the site this will be visible from.
  • Optional - This section contains a range of different areas to allow you to add additional user information, none of which are mandatory.
  • Other fields, Hierarchy and Permissions - These sections of the user profile will include all of the unique fields and values that exist on your site. These can include a range of different fields which will be unique to your organisation, as well as hierarchy fields to establish your hierarchy on the site and reporting access permissions to enable managers to access reports on the platform. Typically, the key hierarchy and profile field data is added using the bulk upload process which allows you to get a better perspective on the different fields required, however, if you know exactly which values need to be added then these can be added at this stage for individual users. 

Step 3 - Save

After following the steps highlighted above, click the “Create user” button at the bottom of the page in order to create the user. 

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