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How to Use the Team Overview


The Team Overview tab of Team Insights is designed to provide an overview of all users and their progress within pathways that have been allocated to them. The users visible in this area will depend on your hierarchy fields, with managers only being able to view users which they report on.

Section 1 - Filters

There are three main filter types provided at the top of the page - two quick filters and one more precise filter modal. 

Test pathway content page

These filters can be used individually or together to provide more accurate results. We’ll touch more on the different filter options below:

Filter By:

  • All (default)
  • Concerns (soon[7days] or not completed)
  • Outstanding (not completed)

Order By:

  • Name (default)
  • Join date

Filter Modal:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Username
  • Date created (before and after)
  • Any profile fields that have been added - these are pulled dynamically and depend on each site's unique user profile fields e.g Hierarchies.

Section 2 - User Tiles

Each user tile provides useful metrics on the users overall progress across all pathways which they have been allocated to. 

Test pathway content page

As shown in the screenshot above, each user tile has two sections of data which are visible at a glance, these are as follows:

  • Overall % - This is the users overall completion percentage across all pathways which they have been allocated to.
  • Allocations - This is the number of pathways the user has been allocated to.

To view more detailed information, click on a user tile and this will display further information relating to the users progress across all pathways. 

Test pathway content page

The user tile also provides quick links to take you to view the users allocation within the selected pathway or preview the pathway to check the users progress in more detail.

Test pathway content page

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