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Outbound Data Sync

In order to sync learner information back to you we will place a .csv file on to our SFTP server. You will be given your own login details for the server and your files will not be visible to any other parties. 

You must collect the .csv file and then process it.

There are several types of data we can send you. We can format the column names to suit your internal needs, for the moment descriptors sit in their place. The .csv file will be made available daily by 5am. Each will be the title below plus the current date.

We will not delete previous days for a minimum of 28 days, should you need to look back. - We cannot combine backdated files.

Naming convention The file will be called SCORMYYYYMMDD, F2FYYYYMMDD, QuizYYYYMMDD, CompletionYYYYMMDD

Formatting The CSV will be be comma delimited. Values will be enclosed with “”.

Required Fields The CSV must contain the following headers and values for learning



SCORM data relates to the courses we provide as standard. They are the type uploaded by most organisations. This is likely the only option you will need.

We would recommend only having records for courses that are complete or passed (in the case of there being a test and pass mark).

If you want all records for the day we recommend that you take the attempt number so that you can reconcile the record in your system.

SCORM NameSco NameStatusAttempt NumberScore (If Applicable)

Face to face

Face to face records are those classroom sessions you may have on the system. We will send you changes that happen that day. 

This could be an update to the attendance of the staff member booking on to a session. 

You would need to reconcile the sessions ID in order to keep updating the record when the status changes.

Class titleSession IDSession DateStatus

Moodle Quiz

Moodle quiz records are where you create tests inside of Moodle. These sit outside of SCORM modules and tests.

Quiz NameAttempt NumberScoreStatus

Moodle Completions

Moodle completions tie together many different elements and report that the learner has completed something. This does not include additional information as this has been pre calculated internally and then given a simple status.

Although this may not seem useful, it is one way of combining all elements above in to one simple completion message, should all the items contribute towards the completion of the course.

Course Name

All we will require to begin this is the confirmation of what data sources you wish to export: SCORM, Face to Face, Quiz, Completions.

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