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How to Use Learning Data Store


The Learning Data Store is a useful feature which allows you to upload external training records onto your platform. These records can then be easily viewed within custom reports and linked to learning pathways. This guide will show you how to use the Learning Data Store.

Step 1 - Navigate

You can find the Learning Data Store import page by going to the following, whilst logged in as a site administrator:

Site administration > General > Learning data store 

Step 2 - Adding records

With the import page open, you’ll see there is an option to add in the required data file in a “.CSV” format. 

Test pathway content page

If you are unsure of the layout required for your data store upload and what data you can include then you can click on the example file provided at the top of the page, this will provide you with the relevant headings required, we’ll touch more on the data to include in each field below:

  • Username - This is the users “Username” as used on your platform, this needs to be an exact match in order to match the data store records with the relevant users.
  • Shortname - This field is for the “Short name” of the course.
  • Fullname - This field is for the “Full name” of the course.
  • Idnumber - This field is for the “ID number” of the course.
  • Completiondate - This field includes the users “Completion date” for the course in the format: dd/mm/yyyy.
  • Grade - This is the users “Grade” achieved within the course (numeric value).
  • Other - In this field you can include other relevant data as required such as the type of course; face-to-face, online training etc. 

Example upload

In the example below, we’ve included 5 test users in our learning data store upload.

Test pathway content page

Once the above file has been uploaded to the Import page, the next page we are shown is the preview of the data we have uploaded. As we are uploading records for existing users which are already on the system, the “behaviour” setting should be set to “Add new only, matched users”. 

Test pathway content page

If you are happy with the data included, you can proceed by clicking “Upload users”. 

The next page you’ll be taken to will show you the results of the upload. The key things to check here are that the “Records imported” matches the number of expected records and that the “Users matched” matches the number of users included in the CSV file. 

Test pathway content page

Step 3 - Viewing records

Once you’ve completed the steps above and uploaded a new record to the Learning Data Store, you have 2 options as to how you can view this. 

If you want to review the completed data upload file (without viewing the data included), go to:

Site administration > General > Learning data store > Import history

Test pathway content page

If you want to see the data included in the data upload, go to:

Site administration > Reports > Custom reports

You can then create a new report with the report source of “Learning data store” and view all learning records which have been uploaded, as shown below:

Test pathway content page

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