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Supported File Types

When using the Personal Development Log plugin, files can be used to store and share documents, presentations, images, and other types of files.

File types are the different formats in which digital files can be saved. Personal Development Log allows users to upload the following file formats:

CategoryFile TypeFull Name
DocumentsdocMicrosoft Word Document
DocumentsdocxMicrosoft Word Open XML Document
DocumentspdfPortable Document Format
PresentationspptMicrosoft PowerPoint Presentation
PresentationspptxMicrosoft PowerPoint Open XML Presentation
ImagesjpegJoint Photographic Experts Group Image
ImagesjpngJPEG Network Graphic
ImagesjpgJoint Photographic Experts Group Image
ImagespngPortable Network Graphic
ImagesgifGraphics Interchange Format
ImagesrawRaw Image Format


Please note that some file types may be better suited for certain types of content or purposes. For example, JPEG and PNG are best for photographs and other images, while PDF is better for documents, presentations or scans.

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