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Image and Icon Size Guide


There are various areas within your platform which allow you to add images or icons. Each of which has its own unique sizing format to ensure it appears correctly for your users. This guide will show you the recommended sizing for images and icons on your platform.

Option 1 - Custom areas

Recommended (Width x Height px)Maximum (Width x Height px)Aspect Ratio (Width : Height)
Login Page Logo
N/A - based on specific logo
500 x 500px
N/A - based on specific logo
Course Card Image233 x 112px466 x 224pxDynamically changes.
Banner Image1,820 x 300px1,920 x 1,080px6:1 - 16:9
Pathway Thumbnail Image100x100px300x300px1:1

Option 2 - Text and Media Area

The Text and Media Area activity, which can be added in various locations across your platform, doesn’t conform to the sizing guidelines above. Rather, as it is a custom image added to the platform yourself for a unique purpose the height of the image is completely up to you. The only consideration should be to the width of the image as 1820 px width is required to fit the width of most desktop/laptop screens. 

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