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The data in each chart comes from a set of series. The series are listed in the legend, along the bottom of the chart. The data from most series is restricted to within the timeframe, shown on the time frame slider on the top right of the charts area. Some series are not restricted by the time frame, these series have ‘ (all time)’ added to the series title in the legend.

Hovering over each series in the legend will highlight that series in the chart.

Clicking on a series in the legend will toggle whether it appears in the chart or not.

Hovering each section of the chart will display a tooltip with more information.

The time frame can be changed by:

  • Selecting a new unit of time, months/weeks/days…  and/or

  • Moving the slider to select the number of units of time… and/or 

  • Selecting a new end date (the time frame starts X units of time before this and ends on this date) 

Once the selections have been made press the update button. The current chart tab will re-render and each other chart tab will update when it is displayed. The charts in the ‘Training Overview’ tab are unaffected by the time frame slider.

There are two icons available in view mode on the bottom left of each chart container. One will open the fullscreen modal, the other will display the chart data in table form. 

At the top right of each container there is a ‘hamburger’ (three lines) icon, which when clicked shows a menu with some download options for the chart. When clicked a file of the chart will download in the selected format.

Edit mode:

Currently only available to CLCadmins. To enter edit mode click the standard Edit Mode toggle found in the navbar at the top of the page, on the right side.

Adding a chart
Charts can be added by clicking on the plus icon found in the centre of empty chart templates. This brings up the add/edit chart form. There should always be at least one empty chart template at all times in edit mode, found at the bottom of the page. 

New empty chart templates can also be created by using the ‘’Split into Columns” icon found in the top right of  all but the smallest chart templates. Clicking this button will shrink the width of the current chart container in order to make space for a new, empty chart container.

Editing a chart
In the bottom right hand side area of each chart container you will find a cog icon. Clicking on this will open the add/edit chart form.

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