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Custom Fields

Use custom fields to capture any data that is not part of the standard Personal Development Log form that a learner submits when adding their development logs.

All custom fields entered by the learner will be visible when viewing their record.


Cost, reflections, and expected completion date are examples of what can be added using custom fields.

Manage Custom Fields

  1. Site administration
  2. General
  3. Personal Development Log
  4. Manage Custom Fields
Creating Custom Fields

To create a custom field that learners can see when adding to their logs, it is necessary to create a category to which the field will belong.

This can be done using the following steps:

  1. Select "Add a new category"
  2. Name the category
  3. Select "Add a new custom field"and choose the type of input that you want the user to provide
  4. Name the field and give it a short name (used for database reference) and an optional description. Depending on the input type, there may be additional options to select, such as whether to make the field a requirement to complete
  5. Select "Save changes"
  6. The custom field will now be visible to learners whenever they add a record to their logs.
Editing Custom Fields

To change category names, simple click on the category name and click out.

Change Fields with the following steps:

  1. Select the cog wheel for the field that you want to edit
  2. Make the desired changes to field
  3. Select "Save changes"
Deleting Custom Fields

Fields and categories can be deleted by the trash icon

  • For categories it is located next to the category name
  • For fields it is located in the "Action" column of the fields table
Viewing Custom Fields

Custom fields allows us to capture any specific data we want to view as part of a learner's development record.

  • When adding a new record, the custom fields will appear on the form used to submit the record. Learners can provide input for the custom fields at this stage.
  • Any input provided for a record will be included on the view record page, enabling us to review and view the data as needed.

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