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How to Add Drop Down Navigation - Navigation Menu


Your navigation bar contains links to all of the key areas on your platform. By default, many of these areas cannot be removed or altered as they provide core functionality for your users, however, you can add additional “custom” items to your navigation menu. This guide will show you how to add a drop down menu item to your platform.

Step 1 - Navigate

To make these changes you’ll need to navigate to the Theme settings page, this can be found by going to the following, whilst logged in as a site administrator:

Site Administration > Appearance > Theme settings

Step 2 - Activity setup

With the Theme settings page open, scroll down to the “Custom menu items” section. It’s within this area that you can make changes to the custom navigation menu items on your platform. 

By default, your platform will have the following navigation menu items:

  • Home
  • Dashboard 
  • Courses
  • Site administration (for site administrators only)

Test pathway content page

When you create additional menu items these will appear after the Site administration tab, as shown below:

Test pathway content page

Creating a new navigation menu item

In order to create a new navigation menu item, you will need to add your menu item to the “Custom menu items” text area using the following format:

Item name | Link to the area

This will create a new menu item within your navigation bar, with the “Item name” being the name of the menu item and the link provided being where the user is sent to when they click the menu item. 

Adding a dropdown item to your navigation menu

If you wished to add a dropdown menu item which will appear when the user clicks on the menu item then this can be done by adding text in the following format below the parent menu item:

- Dropdown item name | Link to the area

This will create a new dropdown menu item, the same rules apply to this menu item, the “Dropdown item name” is the name of the dropdown menu item and the link provides the link which a user will follow once clicked. 

Each menu item/ dropdown menu item must be created on a separate line within the text area provided.

Additional information

Where possible, we advise against creating too many menu items as it can potentially overcrowd your navigation menu and cause confusion for your users. In cases where you require multiple items, consider adding these under a single menu item as dropdowns. 

You can also create dividers within your list of dropdown menu items for additional clarity by adding the following on a separate line:

- ###

Step 3 - Save

Once you have created your new menu items and/or dropdown menu items, you can then scroll to the bottom of the page and click “save changes” in order to implement these changes on your platform. 

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