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Plugin Retirements 2024

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Over a decade ago, we pioneered the integration of the first RoadMap plugin into Moodle. Since then, we've remained committed to continual innovation and enhancement, dedicated to providing charities like yours with the best possible learning experience for your learners, managers, and administrators. Throughout this journey, we've introduced several industry-first features, inspiring further developments within both our team and the wider Moodle community.

As technology evolves, so too must our solutions. In the spirit of progress, we've made the decision to bid farewell to a few plugins and features within the platform. While these have served you well over the years, we believe it's time to embrace newer alternatives that offer even greater functionality and efficiency.

In September, we'll be phasing out the following plugins and features: RoadMap Replay, Legacy Report Builder, RoadMap’s Course Dispatcher, Mod Certificate. Additionally, this April, we'll be retiring Compliance Monitor. Rest assured, alternatives to each of these are readily available, some of which have been seamlessly integrated into your platforms for several years already.

To see if these changes will affect you and for more detailed information including available alternatives, please refer to the provided documentation below.

We understand that change can sometimes be met with apprehension, but we're confident that these updates will ultimately enhance your experience with our platform. Should you have any questions or concerns regarding these changes, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team.

 RoadMap Replay 

RoadMap Replay, introduced in 2017, served as a tool for resetting course completion and activity module data for annual completions. However, with the evolution of technology and the introduction of Recompletion in 2020 and Renewals for Learning Pathways in 2023, we've recognised the need for more efficient and flexible solutions. These newer features offer simplified reset functionalities and greater flexibility in managing course data.

To ensure a smooth transition, any members still utilising RoadMap Replay are encouraged to migrate to either Learning Pathways Renewals or Recompletion by the end of September. Failure to do so will result in courses no longer periodically resetting.

Who does it affect: Members still using RoadMap Replay 

What action needs to be taken: Migrate to Learning Pathways Renewals or Recompletion

When do this need to be done: By 30th September 2024

 Legacy Report Builder 

Initially introduced in 2014, the Legacy Report Builder was a custom tool converted by CLC from external sources to work within Moodle. We enhanced it with our industry-first dynamic hierarchy algorithm, simplifying reporting for managers without the need for complex & expensive setup processes. However, with the introduction of Moodle's own custom report builder in 2022, we've transitioned our efforts to integrate our hierarchy algorithm into Moodle's system.

For users of the old report builder, now labelled Legacy Report Builder, it's essential to recreate any necessary reports in the new report builder by the end of September. From the end of April onwards, the Legacy Report Builder will become 'read-only,' limiting users to editing existing columns or creating new reports. Please reach out to our support team or your membership manager if your managers require access to the new reporting tool.

Who does it affect: Members still using Legacy Report Builder 

What action needs to be taken: Recreate reports in Report Builder & setup manager access if applicable.

When do this need to be done: By 30th September 2024

 RoadMap's Course Dispatcher 

Introduced in 2016, RoadMap’s Course Dispatcher aimed to make specific courses available for users based on their hierarchy information. However, as its popularity grew, managing the tool became increasingly cumbersome due to the need for numerous rules.

To streamline this process, we introduced conditional sections with Learning Pathways, allowing entire collections of courses to be conditionally displayed with a single rule per section. Organisations currently using Course Dispatcher sections should update their RoadMap block to utilise Conditional Course sections or Learning Pathways. Existing sections will transition to 'remove only' status at the end of April and will be fully removed by the end of September.

Who does it affect: Members still using Course Dispatcher

What action needs to be taken: Migrate to Learning Pathways or RoadMap’s Conditional Sections.

When do this need to be done: By 30th September 2024

 Mod Certificate 

Within the platforms, there are currently four different certificate tools, with the oldest, Mod Certificate, introduced in 2012. Unsupported for the past eight years, Mod Certificate will be removed in September.

For course certificates, we recommend utilising Moodle’s course certificate feature. Alternatively, for users of Learning Pathways, attaching certificates to the Pathway will ensure automatic updates whenever a Learning Pathway renews.

Who does it affect: Members still using Mod Certificate 

What action needs to be taken: Migrate to Learning Pathways Certificates or Course Certificate.

When do this need to be done: By 30th September 2024

 Compliance Monitor 

Before the addition of Learning Pathways, Compliance Monitor served to send automatic reminders for soon-to-be due or overdue mandatory courses. However, with Learning Pathways' introduction, offering more flexibility in setting due dates and mandatory statuses for each user, the usage of Compliance Monitor significantly decreased.

As a result, Compliance Monitor will be removed at the end of April. Members who relied on this tool before Learning Pathways are encouraged to reach out to the helpdesk team to explore how Learning Pathways can facilitate automatic notifications to encourage learners to complete their mandatory learning.

Should you have any questions or require further assistance with these transitions, please don't hesitate to contact our support team.

Who does it affect: Members with Compliance Monitor setup 

What action needs to be taken: Migrate to Learning Pathways for ongoing notifications.

When do this need to be done: By 30th April 2024

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