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How to Update Notification Text


Your platform will have a range of notifications which are automatically sent out to users on the site based upon certain triggers. This guide will show you how to alter the text included in these notifications.

Step 1 - Navigate

In order to edit an existing notification within your platform, you first need to find this notification within the Language Pack on your site. You can find the required area by going to the following, whilst logged in as a site administrator:

Site Administration > General > Language > Language customisation

Step 2 - Language customisation

Once you’ve accessed the language customisation page, you’ll need to click on the drop-down menu and select “English”, followed by selecting “Open language pack for editing”

Searching for notifications

This process can be quite complicated due to the large number of notifications which exist on your platform. Before approaching this task, we strongly advise that you have a snippet of text from the email notification subject line or body which you can use to narrow down the search results, the more text you have the more accurate the search results will be.

In this case, we’re going to be updating the Learning Pathway allocation email which users first receive when they’ve been allocated to a new pathway. We already have a copy of the email notification which can be used, however, if we didn’t we would simply allocate a new “Test” user to the pathway under an email address we have access to in order to receive this email notification. 

Test pathway content page

To begin the search, we need to select and highlight all of the available string components in the list provided (as it would be challenging to identify exactly which one is required). Once all have been highlighted, the text snippet from the notification can be entered into the “Only strings containing” text area. You can then click “Show strings” to see the results.

Test pathway content page

From the screenshot shown above, we can see that 4 results have been returned, two for pathways with a due date and 2 for pathways with no due date. As our pathways will have due dates we need to alter these notifications.

Step 3 - Save

Once you have made the required changes to the notification text, you can then scroll to the bottom of the page and click “save changes to the language pack”. 

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