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How to Bulk Create Users


There are several ways to create users on your platform. This guide will show you how to bulk create multiple users at the same time.

Step 1 - Navigate

You can find the user upload page on your platform by going to the following, whilst logged in as a site administrator:

Site Administration > Users > Upload users

Step 2 - Upload

From within the “User upload” page, you’ll need to add the spreadsheet containing your user data into the file upload area. 

Test pathway content page

We’ll touch more on what data needs to be included within your data file below.

Creating users

At the most basic level, you can use the “example.csv” example user spreadsheet shown on the user upload page to establish the basic formatting required for your user upload. This example only includes the essential information required to be able to create new users. For our example, we’re going to be creating 5 “test” users on the platform using the following data:

Test pathway content page

Once you’ve added the required user data to a spreadsheet, ensuring that the file is saved in a “.CSV” format, you can now add this file into the file drop area of the user upload page. The remaining dropdown options on the page should be left as the default values, however, the preview rows dropdown can be increased in order to display all of the users you’ll be uploading on the following page. You can then click the “Upload users button” to begin the upload process.

The next page that opens is the “Upload users preview” page, here you can view the status of the users uploaded to check for any errors before completing the upload. If there are no status errors then you’ll be able to scroll to the bottom of the page to view the “Settings” for the upload. If there are status errors present then you’ll need to correct these in the spreadsheet and re-complete the previous step to upload the updated file. 

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Once the “Settings” section becomes accessible, you’ll need to setup the upload with the following key details:

  • Upload type - As we are creating new users which don't already exist on the system, this should be set to “Add new only, skip existing users”. 
  • New user password - If you’ve added a “password” column to the spreadsheet you’ve uploaded and added in passwords for each user then you can set this to “field required in file”, otherwise, to automatically generate a randomised password and send this out to users upon creating their accounts, set this to “Create password if needed and send via email”.

The remaining options within this step of the upload are optional, but please be aware that any “Other fields” or “Hierarchy” information inputted here will apply to all users being created. We therefore advise completing hierarchy updates using a separate upload which contains all of the required data already in the upload file. Once you’ve made the suggested changes above, you can click the “Upload users” button to complete the upload process.

Finally, you’ll be taken to the “Upload users results” page whereby you can review the changes that have been made following the upload process. In the bottom left of the page, you can see how many users have been created and any errors which prevented them from being uploaded. 

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Step 3 - Verifying changes

After following the steps highlighted above, your users will have been added to your site and can be viewed by going to:

Site administration > Users > Browse list of users 

Within this page you can search for example users from the user upload to confirm that the upload has been successful.

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