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Dedicated Server Information

At CLC we offer hosting on our shared infrastructure allowing you to pay a small amount for a lot of power in your platform. However some organisations require their own private server, this can be for one of several reasons:

  • Internal IT Requirements
  • Large Scale Usage
  • Specific Server Configuration
For each dedicated server we provide you with 1 IP address, weekly full system backups and the ability to upgrade the servers performance at any time. In addition to the server cost we also have a one time migration/setup cost for a server and annual management. Migration and Annual Management are both charged at four days development, the cost of the server depends upon the size and performance you require. Although Moodle can run off essentially anything in order to have it perform in a manor you'd expect we would recommend a minimum of a 8GB server. At anytime this can be upgraded or downgraded depending on requirements however a 8GB server is capable of running most instances of Moodle effectively.

Servers are priced annually although upgrading instance size can be done at any period. *Downgrading server sizes are not possible so additional Migration and potential downtime would be required.

For more information regarding dedicated servers feel free to raise a ticket.

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