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Record Insights


Record insights are presented on both the view records page for managers and site administrators to view record data as well as a learner's page for their specific record data.

Site administrators will see all available record data while managers have access to theirs and their learners' data, which can be found on the View Development Records page.

  1. Site administration
  2. General
  3. Personal Development Log
  4. View Development Records

Learners only have access to their own pages and as such will only have access to their data.

  1. Site administration
  2. General
  3. Personal Development Log
  4. Browse Users
  5. User


The records page and learner pages provide a dashboard with insight into the logs that are being recorded, and are presented graphically

Files chart

The Records with files chart displays a count of the amount of records that have and don’t have files included.

Status chart
Monthly records by status displays how many records are either planned, suggested or completed that have been added in the current month.
Validated chart
Records validated by displays how many records that have been validated by either managers or site administrators.
Time spent chart
Time spent displays how many hours have been spent on development in a month, this year and in total for records that have been validated.
Monthly records by status graph
Record status displays how many records that are added each month

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