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How to Change Notification Settings


Your platform will have a range of notifications which are automatically sent out to users on the site based upon certain triggers. This guide will show you how to view what notifications exist on your platform and how you can enable/disable them.

Step 1 - Navigate

You can view all available platform notifications by going to the following, whilst logged in as a site administrator:

Site Administration > General > Messaging > Notification settings 

Step 2 - Viewing all notifications

Once you’ve accessed the notification settings page, you’ll see that there are two key sections, Notification plugins and Default notification preferences. 

Notification plugins 

The notification plugins should remain unchanged as these need to be enabled in order for notifications to be sent out to users using the different notification formats. 

Default notification preferences

Under the default notification preferences, you’ll be able to see all of the different notification options available on your platform. Each notification has a notification name, whether it is currently enabled and which of the two notification methods it is enabled for. 

Test pathway content page

Each notification is grouped into its own sub-area of associated notifications. For example, if you scroll down to the “Pathway” notifications, you can see that all of the pathway notifications are grouped together under this one heading in order to make it easier to find the notifications you’re looking for. 

Test pathway content page

Step 3 - Editing notifications

As mentioned above, to the right of each notification will be 3 columns; “Enabled”, “Web” and “Email”. In order to enable a notification to be automatically sent to a user, you need to click the “Enable” toggle for that notification, followed by one or both of the notification formats. If the notification is enabled but neither of the notification formats have been selected then users will not receive this notification. 

The “Web” notifications appear under the notification “bell” icon in the top right of the users page. These can only be viewed by users who are logged into the platform. These notifications can be opened from the notifications bell icon as shown below. Users can then click “View full notification” to view this in full.

Test pathway content page

The “Email” notifications are sent directly to the user's email address which has been entered for them on the system. These emails will often include some basic text and links to key areas of the platform based on the notification being sent.

Step 4 - Save

Once you have made the required changes to the notifications on your platform, you can then scroll to the bottom of the page and click “save changes”. 

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