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Conditional Courses


Conditional courses can be used to display specific course sections to specific users based on profile field information contained within your site's user hierarchy. This allows you to tailor the courses shown within the Courses page as required. This guide will show you how to create a conditional course.

Step 1 - Navigate

You can find the course section area on your platform by going to the following, whilst logged in as a site administrator:

Site Administration > Courses > RoadMap > Manage layout

Step 2 - Create

From within the “Manage Layout” page, you can select the “Add new section” button shown in the top right of the page.

Test pathway content page

Once clicked, this will open the section creation page in a pop-up window, as shown below.

Test pathway content page

In order to create the conditional course, you’ll need to set the course content type to “Conditional course” and provide the other section details shown above. 

Setting up the Conditional course

Once the section has been created, you’ll need to set up the conditional course section to display the required courses to the required users. To do this, go to the Manage Layout page and click the “Manage Conditional Courses” button next to the new course section you’ve created.

Test pathway content page

This will open up the conditional course settings page, as shown below. Which includes two key sections, manage display rules and courses to display. 

Test pathway content page

Managing display rules

The display rules are the rules which dictate which users are able to view the courses within this course section. To add a new display rule click on the “Add New” button and this will open a new window, which will allow you to search for your profile field value in order to make the course available to users. For example, in the screenshot below the profile field “Custom Field - Organisation” has been used with the value of “CLC”. This means that for all staff that have this value in their profile field they’ll be able to see the course/s which will be added in the next step. 

Test pathway content page

Update Course sections

Adding courses to the conditional course section can all be done within the main conditional course settings page shown earlier in this guide. To add new courses, you can search for the courses you’d like to add using the search bar shown below. Once the course has been selected it will display the course name above the search area. If you wish to remove a course from the section you can do this by clicking the small “x” next to the course name shown above the search bar.

Test pathway content page

Step 3 - Save

Once you have assigned the required users to the course section and specified which courses you’d like these users to see within the course section you can then save this by clicking “Update section courses” at the bottom of the page. If this section is set to be visible, then this will now be visible to users from the Courses page. 

Test pathway content page

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