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Managing the User Dropdown Menu


Whether on desktop or mobile there is a consistent dropdown button on the top right. This is accessed by clicking on the users name. From here they can see their dashboard, their profile, their preferences and log out of the platform. By default your platform will have the menu entries seen in the image below. You are able to add other items to the menu by providing the name and the link.

  1. Site Administration
  2. Appearance
  3. Theme Settings

Scroll down to User Menu Items. This is the area where you can add, update and remove sections to the users menu. You must use the correct format for it to display correctly using links which begin with a forward slash (/).

My Learning|/report/roadmaptranscript/|grades.

Extra Information

Each line is separated by pipe characters and consists of 1) The title text you wish to display, 2) the link (eg: /my/ rather than, and 3) an icon either as a pix icon Dividers can be used by adding a line of one or more # characters where desired.

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