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Default Dashboard Blocks


We can implement a feature that allows adding blocks to the dashboard, visible to all users across the site. This will be useful for displaying important information that needs to be accessible to everyone.

We can add blocks to the Default Dashboard Page by navigating to:

  1. Site Administration

  2. Appearance

  3. Default Dashboard

Now that we can see the dashboard, we can enable Edit mode in the far left hand side of the navigation bar.

After edit mode has been enabled, we are able to "Add a block".

Step 1

Select the the Add a block button under the Default Dashboard page heading

Step 2

Find your newly added block

Step 3
Make any changes to the block by selecting Configure

We are able to set where we would like this block to be displayed, as well as some styling attributes we are able to change.

Once we are happy with the block select the Save changes button, and the block will be visible for all users on their dashboard.

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