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Team Insights User Profile

The Team Insights user profile is currently accessible in 3 different ways:

  • Training Overview -> View outstanding report -> Person Icon next to each user.

  • Team View -> Menu on user card -> ‘View user’s profile’ option

  • Reports -> RAG or ‘Pathways By User’ report -> click user name link

Messaging a user: this sends the user a message. Users will be notified of this message with a number in red next to the speech bubble icon in the nav bar, next to the notification bell. Clicking on this icon provides the user with a link to the message inbox.

There is a ‘Log in as’ button too, which works in the same way as the ‘Log in as’ link found in the standard moodle user profile. 

In the ‘People’ section in the top right corner you can see a list of that person’s managers (‘Viewed By’) and those equal to or lower than them in hierarchy level (‘Reports on’). There is often not enough space here to show all the users, so you can click on the ‘…’ to see the full list.

Clicking on a User’s profile image or initials will take you to their TI user profile 

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