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The default reports are the Red, Amber and Green (RAG) and Pathways by Users report. Additional reports will be loaded dynamically, depending on how many custom user fields relating to hierarchies the site has.

Each report is placed in a table, some tables can be sorted, all tables can be expanded to show more users at the bottom of the table if there are more records to load and all tables can be downloaded as a CSV. Note, the CSV will only show what is currently in the table, i.e if there are 20 users loaded, the download will reflect this.

RAG Report:

When loaded for the first time, the user will be asked to select the pathways they wish to see the users progress of, once selected the table will load all users according to hierarchies and capabilities.


  • Red (Overdue)

  • Amber (Due soon)

  • Green (Completed)

Pathways by User:

The table will display users based on their hierarchies and capabilities, showing progress of their mandatory pathways.


The two reports mentioned above are the only two with the ability to add filters, refining the users to display. Filtering works the same as it does in Team Overview where we can filter by:

  • First name

  • Last name

  • Username

  • Date created (before and after)

  • Any profile fields that have been added - these are pulled dynamically and depend on each site's unique user profile fields e.g Hierarchies.

All other reports:

The reports will display progress of mandatory learning Pathways grouped by their hierarchy field name, i.e organisation and department.

Custom user fields that are under the hierarchy umbrella will be automatically loaded into their own report container. If the site has none, nothing but the two defaults will be displayed, and inversely every user info field with the hierarchy tag will be loaded whether it has information or not - the user group will be labelled as “Not Set” if it has no users.

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