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Training Overview

Compliance alerts:

Compliance alert box indicates the amount of learners in your team/hierarchy who have outstanding compliance training. View outstanding report opens a modal, providing information to the alert.

Within the modal we can

  • Identify the learner

  • See which pathway is overdue with the due date

  • Use the links provided to

    • View the learners profile page

    • Message the learner

Pathways overview tiles:

Each tile is aggregated from all users in the hierarchy visible to the current user. The tiles provide a quick overview of pathway completion status across the organisation.

  • Completed

  • Outstanding (Not completed)

  • Due soon (Due in 7 days)

  • Overdue (Past due date)

Personal development log section:

Personal development log will only be displayed if there are PDL records that the current user is able to access either as a manager (managers can view their learners by default), or if they have access permission set via PDL. If there are no records in PDL even if the user has access, nothing will be displayed.

Key metrics are displayed for PDL which include

  • Suggested records

  • Planned records

  • Records waiting validation

  • Completed records

Within the metrics container there are three buttons

  • View PDL records

  • View users (hierarchies applied)

  • Add a record to PDL.

If there are any PDL records, they will be shown on the table to the right of the metrics container. The table can be sorted using the column headers and any newly added records will be instantly displayed.

Pathways attempts:

The final container on the Training Overview is the Pathway attempts by group, which is an aggregate of all pathway attempts by hierarchy groups. We are able to change the group we would like to see the data for by changing the selected option on the drop down menu.

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