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Team Overview

Provides an overview of users and their progress within the pathways that have been allocated to them. Capabilities and hierarchies are applied here meaning only the appropriate users will be visible.


Three main filter types are provided at the top of the page, two quick filters and a more precise filter modal. The filters can be used together, to provide more accurate results.

With the quick filters we can

  • Filter by

    • All (default)

    • Concerns (soon[7days] or not completed)

    • Outstanding (not completed)

  • Sort by

    • Name (default)

    • Join date

Filters selector which opens a modal allowing user to filter by

  • First name

  • Last name

  • Username

  • Date created (before and after)

  • Any profile fields that have been added - these are pulled dynamically and depend on each site's unique user profile fields e.g Hierarchies. 

User tiles:

Each user tile provides metrics of the users overall progress as well as how many pathways they have been allocated, which is displayed via:

  • Overall - sum off all pathway completion percentages divided by the number of pathways they have been allocated.

  • Allocated - total number of pathways allocated.

When a user tile has been expanded it provides individual pathway details

  • Percentage that the pathway is currently on.

  • Name of the pathway

  • Due in x days, months, years.

There are two different ellipsis dots on the user tile that open a drop down menu.

  • The first is on the main user tile

    • Navigate to a user's profile page.

    • Message a user (redirected to the message page).

  • Second is the individual pathways

    • View the allocation

    • Preview the pathway

Team overview displays 18 users by default. A "Load More" button at the bottom loads an additional 18 users per click. When filters are applied, the page maintains the number of users displayed. For example, if 36 users are loaded and a filter is applied that returns only 20 matching users, the page will display the 20 users that match the filter criteria and inversely if there are 200 matches only 36 will be displayed. This allows the page to retain context when filters are applied by showing the same number of results, when possible based on the filter criteria.

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