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Changing the support contact

When a site administrator needs assistance with something they can reach out to our team to get the help they need. But when a learner needs help, they reach out to their peers, their manager, sometimes Google and eventually find the right people. The purpose of setting a support contact is to make it far easier for a user to reach out for help.

To help learners get in touch and to unify the experience throughout the platform you must set a 'Support contact'. By default the 'support contact' email remains hidden to the users, but when a form is filled out it sends the information there. You are however able to set a support page which can link to your own support portal or IT/Learning and Development ticketing system.

You can set this by going to the Support contact settings page:

  1. Site Administration
  2. Server
  3. Support Contact

From there you will be given a form where you can either set an email address or a page, if you set a page it will skip the form and send the learner straight there. This can then be accessed by individuals seeking help from the (?) helper on each page. If a user is logged in, it will supply their additional information, if they are not it will ask them to populate their own name and email.


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