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Set the brand colours.

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Information on how to change these colours can be found here.

Every organisation have their own branding. The use of specific colours and images can provide a sense of safety and authenticity to your learning platform. There are two main areas where you can set specific colours which will be reflected throughout the platform and in any emails it sends. There are two main places to do this; the course card colour section generates abstract images in your brand colours when an image is not yet created and under 'brand colour' within the Boost theme, which is used throughout the platform in various different ways.

Boost's Primary Colour

This is used on primary buttons (The Continue in [Continue] [Cancel]), as the font colour for many link elements, such as the Site Administration menu and throughout plugins in Moodle, such as Learning Pathways Course link colour, or RoadMap's progress bars. Due to it's usage as a font, it's recommended that your site's primary colour is dark with a good contrast against a white backdrop and is easy to read. Your platforms primary colour does not need to be the same as your brands primary colour.

  1. Site Administration
  2. Appearance
  3. Boost
Boost Brand Colour

Course Card Colours

These are used throughout Moodle to generate abstract images for course image placeholders, Learning Pathway image placeholders and utilised by some plugins for secondary and tertiary accent colours. With this in mind we recommend putting your brands main contrasting colours in the lower numbers (1,2 & 3) and leaving the more random colours to higher up. Many organisation's branding guidelines only have 3 or 6 colours suggested, so picking additional colours is usually based upon trying to get a complimentary list.

  1. Site Administration
  2. Appearance
  3. Course Card Colours.
Course Card Colour

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