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Certificates are a great tool that you are able to use within your course pages. They can act as a way to reward your users and acknowledge their achievements, or as a physical way for you to keep a record of what each user has achieved. Whichever way you decide to use a certificate, this guide will show you how to implement and use the key features.

Step 1 - Adding a New Certificate Activity

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Select the 'Add an Activity or Resource' option located from within your chosen topic.

Step 2 - Select the Activity

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Select the Custom Certificate activity from the list of options, and click add to begin setup.

Step 3 - Activity Setup


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  • Name - This will be how the Certificate activity is displayed on the course page.
  • Description - This description will be displayed when you click on the activity.

Activity Completion

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Activity Completion determines at what tracking is enabled on an activity, and at what point that particular activity gets given a tick on the course page.

We recommend that certificates are not tracked with an activity completion, as they are the reward for the completion of required activities and are not required themselves.

When you have made these changes, select the Save and Return to Course button

Step 4 - Certificate Customisation

Select the activity

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The certificate will start out at a blank page. This page will allow you to customise the size of your certificate, and the design by adding different elements.

To begin the customisation, you must select the activity from the course page.

Edit Certificate

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When you have selected the activity, from the cog at the top right-hand side of your page, choose Edit Certificate from the list.


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First you must input your width and height to determine if your certificate will be landscape or portrait. By default it is setup for portrait, so just swtich the values to change this.

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Next you must add elements to the layout. You can do this by selecting your chosen element from the dropdown list and selecting Add Element. This can be repeated until you have everything that you need.

We recommend that you include atleast Course Name and Students Name. This information will automatically populate correctly for each user that accesses the activity.

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Finally, select the reposition elements button to move these elements into their correct possions before clicking save and returning to the course page.

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