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Password Reset - Solution


Please Note: If your users are not using Manual authentication for their accounts, these methods will not work for your setup. In these cases, if you are unsure on how to reset your users password, please contact the Helpdesk and they will be happy to help you through your specific instance.

Option 1 - Self-Reset

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The best option is often the easiest!

If a user ever forgets their password, on most login pages a user is able to reset their own password using their username or email address. As a User simply click the option, enter your details, and an email will be sent to the accounts email enabling a change in password.

If this option is not available on your login page, this may be due to your authentication method. If you are unsure, please contact Helpdesk.

Option 2 - Admin Reset

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In the case where your users are unable to reset their own passwords, an admin is able to reset the password for a user manually from their profile.

Simply navigate to: Site Administration > Users > Browse List of Users, filter and select your required user to access their profile.

Once on a users profile you are then able to edit their profile and change their password.

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