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Stuck in Preview Mode - Solution

Result Not Recorded - Preview Attempt

1. Summary

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Occasionally due to a number of potential factors, users can finish a SCORM attempt and have not received a score to Moodle which will result in a user not receiving a tick in their completion box on the course page.

2. Diagnose

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To diagnose this issue, you will first need to check for the users completion status. There are a number of ways to do this however we find the easiest is to check in the Reports Tab on the activity. This Reports Tab can be found after going to a course page and clicking on your given activity. The tab will be located just above as per the Screenshot image.

Once in the Report Tab, you are able to filter down to your problem user and find each of their recorded attempts.

In this instance you are looking for there to be only 1 attempt marked as 'Failed'. You are able to click your users most recent attempt number to see their current status for that attempt. If this status is showing as 'Failed' and there is only 1 attempt then you can fairly safely assume that the user has not selected 'Start a New Attempt'.

3. Solution

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Once you have diagnosed this as the cause of the issue, then you must ask the user to re-complete the activity remembering to select 'Start a New Attempt' before clicking the 'Enter button'.

The 'Start a New attempt' option is located directly above the 'Enter' button, and will only appear after the user has finished their first attempt. It is important for all users to select this option upon each new attempt or their results will not be recorded by RoadMap.

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