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Quiz Not Showing as Complete - Solution


Quiz issues are rare, and usually caused by users misunderstanding the question, or by the activity being setup incorrectly. The simple rules for minimising issues on quizzes are to make questions understandable and to follow our guides and tips on how to correctly make quizzes. - How to Add a Quiz to a Course

User Not Receiving a Tick

1. Summary

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Quizzes will quite often have some questions that require more than one correct answer. This can sometimes throw some users off as they have not read the question fully. Although this is not a very common problem, you are likely to come across it at some point and knowing how to correctly diagnose it is very useful to know for various reasons.

2. How to Diagnose

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As this 'issue' is caused by the user incorrectly answering the question, the way to diagnose is through a form of report. This report will show you what score the user has received, and what questions have what scores.

To access this report, as an admin, go to the course page, click on the activity and to the top right of this page; click on the cog dropdown and select 'Results'.

3. Solution

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In your reports area, you will be able to filter down to each user and see all the results for each attempt. This will allow you to see if a user has missed a mark on a particular question.

From here you then able to ask the user to re-complete the quiz ensuring that the answer the questions fully.

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