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Course Completion - Solution


Course completions are a key part to any course. Whether they are used or not, it is important to decide before a course goes live as it will have an impact on interactions with the course and other features. Course completions will count the number of selected activities in a course, and output a status percentage onto each users dashboard page based on their progress.

Setting up Course Completions

Step 1 - Cog

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From the Cog at the top right of the page, select 'Course Completion.'

Step 2 - Condition: Activity Completion

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In the course completion settings there are several conditions that are visible. On RoadMap, you will ONLY need to use the 'Condition: Activity Completion' area.

This area will list all of the activities from within the course that have activity completion setup on them at an activity level. By selecting them from the list, these activities become a mandatory part of the course. A user must now complete the selected courses in order to show as complete on that course. You are also able to determine if you want to one of the selected or all of the selected courses mandatory using the Condition Requires option. This is where you will need to identify which activity has been set incorrectly.

Step 3 - Unlocking Completion Data

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In the course completion settings you will need to "Unlock completion options and delete user completion data", to make any changes to the completion critera. By doing this it may affect some of your users details, E.g if a user has completed all the activities minus the one being removed, once removed they will be updated to show they have completed the course with todays date. The timestamp of when the user completed the course will be incorrect, this is the only thing you need to worry about when changing the course completion in this situation.

Step 4 - Save Changes

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Once you have reset your course completion criteria to the correct activities, scroll to the bottom of the back and click 'Save Changes.'

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