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Uploading a New Certificate Template


Although the certificate can be customised to fit your organisations needs by simply editing the Text and Design Options. You are able to get maximum customisation by uploading a PNG file with your desired styling as a template to your site.

Designing a New Template

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The Certificate activity will have a default layout. This default layout will include the users name and the course name. It is important to design your template with this in mind so that no text or images overlap.

See Screenshot for Default Certificate - Downloadable copy at the bottom of the page.

When a user generates their own certificate, it will populate with this information. To ensure your template works correctly, we recommend designing your new template over this and then removing the default information so you are just left with your overlay. This will be what you need to upload.

If you would like your template checked before you upload, please contact the helpdesk on helpdesk@charitylearning.org

Uploading a new Template

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Step 1

Upload a new file by visiting the Certificate plugin area:

Site Administration > Plugins > Activity Modules > Certificate

You must then select the 'Upload' text next to 'Upload Image'.

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Step 2

Drag and Drop your desired template into the indicated area and select 'Border' from the dropdown list. This will determine where your uploaded template is available from.

Please note that the name of the file will be as it appears to select from a dropdown list, and once uploaded these files cannot be removed. We therefore recommend that it is named appropriately, perhaps including date and relevant name.

Selecting your new Template

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To use your template, you must select it when setting up each Certificate activity. This can be found under Design Options in the Certificate Settings.

Download Default Template here:

Please rememeber to design your new template around the default text, and to remove the default text before uploading.

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