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How to Add a Feedback Activity to a Course


The feedback activity has a number of uses that are available from within a course. As the name suggests, the activity can be used for feedback on particular topics or areas of the course, but can also be used for other tasks such as confirming the understanding of a particular text or document. This article will give you the knowledge to be able to create one of these activities and some examples on what you could use this activity for.

Adding a New Feedback Activity to a Course

To add an activity to a course, you must always ensure editing is turned on. See - Basic Course Editing

Step 1 - Add an Activity or Resource

Description Screenshot

Select the 'Add an Activity or Resource' option located from within your chosen topic.

Step 2 - Select the Activity

Description Screenshot

Select the Feedback activity from the list of options, and click add to begin setup.

Step 3 - Activity Setup


Description Screenshot
  • Name - This will be how the Feedback activity is displayed on the course page.
  • Description - This description will be displayed when you click on the activity, or displayed on the course page if the option is selected.

Activity Completion

Description Screenshot

Activity Completion determines at what tracking is enabled on an activity, and at what point that particular activity gets given a tick on the course page.

If you require your SCORM activity to be tracked, You will be required to setup the Activity completion area as per the screenshot.

SCORM activities will output either a Passed or Complete status, which will then be interpreted by Moodle to mark the user as complete on the course page. By Selecting both Passed and Completed as the required status, the SCORM will be given a tick on the course page by both outcomes.

Adding Content to a Feedback Activity

Step 1 - Edit Questions

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To begin editing the questions in a Feedback activity, you must first click on the activity on the course page.

Once you have opened the activity, you much click on the Edit Questions option.

Step 2 - Add Question (Multiple Choice)

Choose the question

Description Screenshot

From the Add Question drop down list, choose Multiple Choice. This will automatically take you to the setup for this question.

Edit the question

Description Screenshot

When you have selected Multiple choice from the dropdown, you are able to edit the choices and other options from the setup.

  • Question - This will be the questions posed to the user.
  • Label -
  • Multiple Choice Type - This will determine the style of the multiple choice question; Single answer, Multiple answer, or Single answer with Dropdown.
  • Adjustment - This will determine the layout of the options; side-by-side, or stacked.
  • Not Selected Option- By default, each question will have a 'Not selected' option. This will be an extra choice beyond your other options. By setting this to 'Yes' then users will have to select the predetermined answers.
  • Empty Submits - Each attempt submitted is recorded and included in the feedback analysis. By selecting 'Yes' on this option, any unanswered submissions will not be included in the analysis.
  • Multiple Choice Values- This will be the answers posed to the user. In order to created a list, you must write each answer on a separate line. For the best effect, remove all unnecessary spaces. eg. at the end or beginning of each entry.
  • Position - This will determine the positioning of this question within the overall feedback activity.

Step 3 - Save Question

Description Screenshot

Once you have set up your question, select the 'Save Question' option.

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