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RoadMap Replay is used to reset courses and activities that need to be re-completed after a set period of time. The activities will be marked as incomplete and, RoadMap Replay will send emails out to individual users reminding them that they will need to complete the course by a certain date. This is particularly useful for compliance courses such as Health and Safety and Fire Safety where employees may need to do a refresher once a year.

Enabling RoadMap Replay on your Site

If you are already using RoadMap Replay on one of your courses, Replay has already been enabled on your site. In which case, you are able to ignore this section and move directly to the Adding RoadMap Replay to your Course.

Step 1 - Add a Template
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RoadMap Replay will send out an email to users when they are are due to replay a course.

The template will determine what this email will say. Although you are able to customise this email yourself, we recommend keeping the email as broad as possible. This email will be used for all courses and must suit all applications.

Initial Setup

To add a template, navigate to - Site Administration > Courses > Roadmap > Roadmap Reminders > Manage Templates ->Add Template

Name: course_reset

Subject: Course Reset

Enabled: Checked

Suggested Template

To start you off; below is a default template that you are able to use.

Dear {user.firstname},

As part of your learning you are required to complete {} every {replay.value} {replay.span}.

As such with {replay.notifyvalue} {replay.notifyspan} left, we have reset the course and saved a copy of your last attempt. Please complete this on {course.url} by {replay.nextdue} to ensure your status stays completed!

Thank you,



The values contained within the curly brackets (eg. {})are placeholders and will be replaced with the relevant information once sent to the user.

{user.firstname} - This will display the users firstname.

{} - This will display the course that needs to be replayed.

{replay.value} - This will display the number of 'Days', 'Months', or 'Years' that this course is due to be replayed in. (eg. 365, 12, or 1 respectively.)

{replay.span} - This will display the unit for the 'requied every' period. (eg. 'Days', 'Months', or 'Years'.)

{replay.notifyvalue} - This will display the number of 'Days', 'Months', or 'Years' that remain before the user will be overdue on the completion of the course. (eg. 365, 12, or 1 respectively.)

{replay.notifyspan} - This will display the unit for the time remaining. (eg. 'Days', 'Months', or 'Years'.)

{course.url} - This will display the coures url, and will allow the user to directly link to the course page from the email.

{} - This will display your site name.

You are able to use these values in your own custom email, so long as the spelling is kept the same.

Step 2 - Add Event
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Once you have setup a template, you must then select it for use with RoadMap Replay by adding an event.

To add an event, navigate to - Site Administration > Courses > Roadmap > Roadmap Reminders > Manage Events > Add Event

You will need to setup the the options as below, with the exact spelling:

Name: course_reset

Template: course_reset:

Please remember: these names are are directly linked to the template, and cannot deviate in spelling.

Adding RoadMap Replay to your Course

Once you have set up the Template and Event for RoadMap Replay, you are then required to set enable the feature on your chosen course. This will then begin sending out reminders to users at set intervals based on your criteria.

Please Note:

The Replay dates are set based on when a user completes a course. This means that each course using RoadMap Replay will be required to have the Course Completions area set up correctly, and that once the course criteria as been set, it cannot be altered as this will change the course completion date for all users currently showing as complete.

Step 1 - Course Cog
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Go to your selected course page, and select the cog drop down menu located to the top right of the course page.

From the list, select the 'RoadMap Replay' option.

Step 2 - Replay Setup
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To start RoadMap Replay, you must first select 'Enable' from the drop down menu.

Condition: Modules to be Replayed

This area will contain all of the modules on your course that have been included in your Course Compleion Condions.

From this list, tick all of the modules you wish to be reset at the end of the set period.


These dates will determine when the course is due to be replayed, when the reminder email is send out, and the moduels are reset.

RoadMap Replay Block

The RoadMap Replay Block is a useful feature you can inlude on your course page to enable a user to track their own status within a course in relation to RoadMap Replay, and will also enable users, managers, and admins to see historical data for completions on that course.

It is important to rememeber that when a course gets reset, the results that were once visible in report builder, are now located inside of the RoadMap Replay Block.

Add a Block

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Once editing has been turned on, on the main navigation bar, under site administration an option will appear named 'Add a Block'. You must then select the RoadMap Replay option from the list.

Block Functionality

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The RoadMap Replay, by deafult, will appear on the right hand side of the course page and will show a user their specific progress on the course and when its next due to be completed.

By clicking on the 'Go to Course History' option, you are able to see learning history. As a user, you are able to see your own. As a manager, you are able to see your reporting groups history. An admin will be able to see all users enrolled on the course will history.

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