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How to Add a Label to a Course


The Label activity is typically used as an aesthetic tool within a course page. You are able to use as a simple text box or you can use HTML to style the area. HTML is a basic language that can be learnt from various websites and sources. Although it is not a necessity, we recommend familiarising yourself with the concept as it can help you make the most of your site, and make the site more engaging to your users through the use of labels and other areas.

Adding a New Label Activity

To add an activity to a course, you must always ensure editing is turned on. See - Basic Course Editing

Step 1 - Add an Activity or Resource

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Select the 'Add an Activity or Resource' option located from within your chosen topic.

Step 2 - Select the Activity

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Select the Label activity from the list of options, and click add to begin setup.

Step 3 - Activity Setup


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The Label Text area can be used to input basic text and images. The format can be changed using the additional features located below using the down arrow to the left of the option bar.

Activity Completion

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As the label activity has no trackable content, you are only able to select one of two options. Manual tick box, or no tick box. We recommend that no tick box is used for decorative areas, and a manual tick box is used for labels containing text that is important that the user reads.

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