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Compliance Monitor


Compliance Monitor is a tool which can be added onto any course with RoadMap Enrol enabled. When a learner is enrolled by an administrator, manager or by a rule they will be considered 'assigned' to the course. If a learner self enrols the will not be considered by Compliance Monitor.

When Compliance Monitor is setup it will schedule in the background all the learners currently assigned the course and add them to the Compliance Monitor course report. This can take up to 24 hours depending when the task had last ran, this will not affect the 'due date', the due date is set according to the time period and when they were first enrolled on that course. This means if you activated the course today any learners will be assigned a due date from when they joined the course and any learners with an existing enrolment will have dates set relevant to when they first joined the course.

In addition to providing administrators and managers with a report they can see within the course and an overview for a glance it will also notify the users of any upcoming deadlines.


Description Screenshot
Compliance Monitor runs at course level. You are able to manage it from within a course. You are able to access the settings from the course submenu and opening the Compliance Monitor page. 

There are four sections within the settings page. These are: General, Enforceable Condition, Timeframe and Notify User When. If you follow the sections from top to bottom you will create the rule. More information regarding each section is available below.


Enable Compliance Monitor - This turns the rule on or off for the course. If you turn it off the users will no longer be notified however they will still appear in the in course report section.

Overdue & Due Soon Message - These are populated with the default notifications your learners are sent when they are notified. You are able to customise these for each course and can use placeholders to automatically add in the information. The placeholders are:

Example Value
{$a->coursename}The fullname of the course.RoadMap Training
{$a->date}The date the course is due.11/02/2020
{$a->diff}The days until or since it is due date.27
{$a->linkurl}The web address to the referenced course. *The call to action is automatically added.
Enforceable Condition
The enforceable condition section outlines when a learner should be considered as requiring to complete this course. It is possible that a course may be visible to all staff, but only required to be completed by a certain time for some departments. As such compliance monitor requires users to have been enrolled through RoadMap Enrol and to have been assigned the course either automatically or by a manager or an administrator. You are able to select which of the two these (or both) should be considered for the rule by ticking the checkboxes:
  • Enable when the course has been assigned automatically or administrator.
  • Enable when the course has been assigned by an manager.

This sets the amount of time to which a learner is expected to have completed the course after they have been enrolled. 

You are expected to complete this course by: {$a}

You are able to set the numeric value (1-31) and the unit measurement (days, months or years).

Notify User When

You are able to pick when the learner is notified. To ensure the user does not receive excessive messages from the platform there are several default options, you can select one or multiple.

  • 1 month before due.
  • 1 week before due.
  • 3 days before due.
  • 1 day before due.
  • The day it is due.
  • 3 days after it is due.
  • Every 7 days after it is due.

To access the in course reporting, view overviews and let learners know when they are expected to complete it by you will need to add the Compliance Monitor block onto the course page.


You are able to see all the details of all learners on a course from the Compliance Monitor block. You are also able to see 'totals' at a glance you are able to see the number of learners you can see enrolled on this course. Additionally you are able to see how many users have completed, not completed and are overdue on the course.

You are only able to see 'your learners', if you are an administrator this will be all learners, whereas if you are a manager you will only see learners which report into you.

Details Screenshot
This report will show you the users name, email, the time they were enrolled, when they should complete it by, when they did complete it (if it is completed), the current status and if you have the permissions to manage notifications if they are enabled for the learner. If you disable a learners notification they will not appear in the total summaries for their managers and will not receive notifications but still appear in this report. You are able to download the report if you wish via CSV, Excel, HTML or any other Moodle supported format.


Modify User in Report Is Manager


This permission allows a user to disable or enable notifications from the report section.


Details Notification Screenshot

A notification is sent to the user. The notification is sent to the learners browser and a number will appear over the notification icon next to their username in a similar style to many social media platforms. If the user is not logged in, the notification is also sent to the user via email. The notification will be formatted automatically with your platforms logo and the colour of your top bar.


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