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Bulk user actions


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The Bulk User Actions area allows a Admin user to perform actions with large numbers of users on the system. There are a total of 7 actions that can be performed, although some are not as useful as others and some are no longer applicable to the site due to custom plugins being added into the system.

Filtering and Selecting Users

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Within the Bulk User Actions area you will find all of the same filter options available within the "Browse List of Users", these areas are both connected and if you apply a filter within one then it will apply to both. The users appear within a box in the centre of the page and will need to be highlighted and have the "Add to Selection" box clicked to move the highlighted users to the "Selected Users" right hand side box. Once users have been added to the "Selected Users" box they can be used in relation to the available actions contained within a drop down box below the 2 centre boxes.

"With Selected Users..." Actions

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The drop-down menu located at the bottom of the page will allow you to perform particular actions with the "Selected Users" within the right hand side box after adding to selection, following on from filtering the users.

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