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How to Add a Face to Face Activity to a Course


The Face to Face activity can be used to track any learning that happens outside of RoadMap such as Meetings, Presentations, and Phone Calls. The Face to Face activity will provide email confirmation of sign-up to sessions containing Times, Dates, and relevant Location information.

Adding a New Face to Face Activity

To add an activity to a course, you must always ensure editing is turned on. See - Basic Course Editing

Step 1 - Add an Activity or Resource

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Select the 'Add an Activity or Resource' option located from within your chosen topic.

Step 2 - Select and Activity

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Select the 'Add an Activity or Resource' option located from within your chosen topic.

Step 3 - Activity Setup


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  • Enter your desired Face to Face name. This will be how the activity will be displayed on the course page.

  • Enter a description. This description will be displayed when you click on the activity.

  • Third Party eMails will receive notification if someone is wait-listed on a session.

  • Sessions Displayed on Course Page will allow you to choose how many sessions are visible before clicking into the activity.

  • Approval Required, means that the users 'Manager' (determined by their Managers Email) will get an email request to be booked onto a particular session.

  • 'Allow Sign-Up Cancelations Default' will enable signup cancellations by default on each of the sessions within the given activity.

Email Messages

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Face to Face sessions will send out a series of emails to users and managers. These emails can be set up in each Face to Face activity according to specific needs. Each email can use existing, or predetermined placeholders to inform a specific user. These placeholders will change the information to be relevant to the user receiving the email. For example; [firstname] [lastname] will appear as'Joe' 'Blogs' on the email sent to the user.

Activity Completion

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Activity Completion determines at what tracking is enabled on an activity, and at what point that particular activity gets given a tick on the course page.

Step 4 - Save and Return

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Click Save and Return to Course.

Adding a New Session to an Existing Face to Face Activity

Step 1 - Add a new Session

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Click on the activity on your course page. This page will display all of the currently available Face to Face sessions.

Click the 'Add a New Session' option to begin creating your session.

Step 2 - Session Setup

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  • Session Date/Time known - This will open up the Start Time and Finish Time parameters.

  • Start Time/Finish Time - Will determine when that session is due to take place.

  • Add a New Date - allows for you to add more than one date to a single session. This should be used if one event is going to take place over multiple times or dates.

  • Capacity - will determine how many users are able to book onto each session.

Step 3 - Save Changes

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Click Save Changes to return to the list of sessions.

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